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  • connection.salesforce.userName:  The user name for accessing the Salesforce account.
  • connection.salesforce.loginEndpoint: The endpoint for the Salesforce account.

  • connection.salesforce.passwordThe password provided here is a concatenation of the user password and the security token provided by Salesforce. For information on creating a security token in Salesforce, see

  • connection.salesforce.salesforceObject : The name of the push topic that is added to the Salesforce account.
  • connection.salesforce.connectionTimeout: The time to connect to the Salesforce account (default : 20 * 1000 seconds).

  • connection.salesforce.readTimeout: The time to read the data (110 * 1000 seconds).

  • connection.salesforce.waitTime: The time to wait when connecting to the client (default : 10 * 1000s).

  • connection.salesforce.packageName: The event routing bus that implements Bayeux Client.

  • connection.salesforce.packageVersion: The version of the connection.salesforce.packageName.

  • connection.salesforce.soapApiVersion: The version of the salesforce soap API.