WSO2 Complex Event Processor is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. This documentation is for WSO2 Complex Event Processor 4.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click Tools, and then click Event Simulator.
  3. Click Play on the corresponding event stream as shown below, to send the events in the <CEP_HOME>/samples/artifacts/0072/eventsimulatorfiles/events.csv file to the publisher.
  4. Use the following URL to access the H2 database through your web browser: httphttps://localhost:8082

  5. Enter the following values to connect to the database. 

    Driver ClassEnter the value as org.h2.Driver
    JDBC URLEnter the URL of the database. For example: jdbc:h2:repository/database/WSO2CARBON_DB;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;LOCK_TIMEOUT=60000
    User Namewso2carbon
  6. Click Test Connection to check if the connection is successful.

  7. If the connection is successful, click Connect.