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  1. Place the authenticator .jar file into the <IS_HOME>/repository/components/dropins directory. You can download the .jar file (org.wso2.carbon.extension.identity.authenticator.linkedin.connector-1x.x.x) from the WSO2 Store. Next restart the WSO2 IS server.


    If you want to upgrade the LinkedIn (.jar) in your existing IS pack, please refer upgrade instructions.

  2. Create a new app as described in the LinkedIn Services documentation
    1. Navigate to the following URL:
    2. Enter the required details.
      • Enter your company details.
      • Upload an image that you wish to use at the company logo.
      • Select the checkbox to agree to the LinkedIn terms and conditions. 
    3. Click Submit. You will redirect to a page with Client ID and Client Secret as shown in point 5.
  3. Enter the Authorized Redirect URL in the following format and click Add.
    The default redirect URL in WSO2 Identity Server is - https://localhost:9443/commonauth  
  4. Click Update.
    You have now finished configuring LinkedIn. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the resulting page.