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The following operations allow you to work with endpointsAmazon SNS Endpoints. Click an operation name to see details on how to use it.

For a sample proxy service Proxy Service that illustrates how to work with endpoints, see Sample configuration.



Creates an endpoint.

deleteEndpointDeletes an endpoint.
listEndpointsLists endpoints.
subscribeSubscribes to an endpoint.
unsubscribeDeletes a subscription.
listSubscriptionsLists all subscriptions.
listSubscriptionsByTopicLists subscriptions by topic.
getEndpointAttributesRetrieves the endpoint attributes.
setEndpointAttributesSets the attributes for an endpoint.
getSubscriptionAttributesReturns all of the properties of a subscription.
setSubscriptionAttributesAllows a subscription owner to set an attribute of the topic to a new value.

Operation details

This section provides details on each operation.