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Follow the steps below to add a new web app to WSO2 App Manager using the App Publisher.

  1. Log in to the App Publisher (http://localhost:9763/publisher) using admin/admin credentials

    and the following URL: http://<IP_ADDRESS>:9763/publisher



    In order to create a web app, you have to log in with a user that has the following permissions:

    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Configure > Governance and all underlying permissions
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Login
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > API > Create  
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > Resources > Govern and all underlying permissions  
  2. Click Add New Web Application.



After creating the web app, authorized users can review, approve, and publish the web application. For more information, see Web Application Lifecycle Management.