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  • To export an API from a tenant, follow the steps in Export an API. Use the tenant-specific encoded credentials in the cURL command. Here's an example: 

    Code Block
    curl -H "Authorization:Basic AbCdEfG" -X GET "https://<host>:port/api-import-export-2.0.0-v0v3/export-api?name=sample&version=1.0.0&" -k >
  • To import the API in another tenant, follow the steps in Importing an API. Use the encoded credentials for this tenant in the cURL command. Here's an example:

    Code Block
    curl -H "Authorization:Basic AbCdEfG" -F file=@"/home/user/Desktop/" -k -X POST "https://<host>:port/api-import-export-2.0.0-v0v3/import-api?preserveProvider=false"

    Note that the preserveProvider parameter value should be set to false.