If the directory/file paths specified in this guide do not exist in your WSO2 product, see Directory Structure of WSO2 Products to locate the paths applicable to your product.

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  1. Open the Tooling interface with all the artifacts/projects that you created. For example, shown below is a proxy service artifact (StockQuoteProxy.xml file) created using Tooling.an ESB mediation sequeance created with ESB artifacts.
  2. Right-click the Project Explorer and click New -> Project.
  3. From the window that opens, click Composite Application Project.
  4. Give a name to the Composite Application project and select the projects that you need to group into your C-App from the list of available projects below. For example,
    Image Removed Image Added
  5. In the Composite Application Project POM Editor that opens, under Dependencies, note the information for each of the projects you selected earlier. You can also change the project details here.