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Usage: ./ -v [product-version]
  -v	[REQUIRED] Product version of WSO2AM
  -l	[OPTIONAL] '|' separated WSO2AM profiles to build. "default" is selected if no value is specified.
  -i	[OPTIONAL] Docker image version.
  -e	[OPTIONAL] Product environment. If not specified this is defaulted to "dev".
  -o	[OPTIONAL] Preferred organization name. If not specified, will be kept empty.
  -q	[OPTIONAL] Quiet flag. If used, the docker build run output will be suppressed.
  -r	[OPTIONAL] Provisioning method. If not specified this is defaulted to "default". Available provisioning methods are puppet, default.
Example: ./ -v 1.10.0 -l worker|manager -o myorganization -i 1.01.0

This command starts containers for the specified product profiles with the specified image versions. 


This command can be used to terminate running containers specific to a product and clean all exited containers that are in the exit phase.

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