This documentation is for WSO2 Puppet Modules version 2.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
We have moved WSO2 Puppet Modules to separate product specific repositories, and as a result the puppet-modules repository, which this documentation is based on has been deprecated.
A new puppet-common repository has been introduced. Please find the new repository list here.
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Follow the instructions below to initially install and then configure the Puppet Master and Puppet Agent respectively.



- Install Puppet

  • Puppet Master
    Follow the instructions below to install Puppet Master. 


    1. Sign into Puppet Agent as the super user.
    2. Issue the following commands to download and install the Puppet distribution.

      Code Block
      apt-get update  
      apt-get install puppet
    3. Edit the /etc/hostname file and set the property hostname.

      Code Block
      {host-ip}  qaa-node-1
    4. Edit the /etc/hosts file of your Puppet Agent.

      Code Block localhost  
      192.168.19.XXX puppet # Puppet Master's IP address 

2.2. - Configure Puppet

  • Puppet Master
    Follow the instructions below to configure the Puppet Master.