This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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  • If you want to view statistics for a pre-defined time interval, click on the relevant time interval (e.g., Last 24 Hours).
  • If you want to define a custom time interval, click Custom and select the start and end dates of the required time interval in the calendar that appears. Then click Apply.

When you select Last Hour as the time interval for which statistics are to be displayed, all the gadgets except data tables are updated in about 1 minute. When the time interval selected is greater than one hour, the same gadgets are updated in 5 minutes. This is because the relevant Spark scripts need to be executed in order to update the gadgets.

The data tables in each page are updated instantly.


Working with filters

The Security Analytics dashboard allows you to add filters that allow you to update multiple gadgets in a given page to display information relating to a selected criteria.


  1. Access the Security Analytics dashboard as explained under Accessing the Security Analytics dashboards.
  2. Click Local in the left navigator to open the page displaying statistics for local login attempts.
  3. In the Search field on the By Role gadget, enter admin and then click Add Filter as demonstrated below.
    This results in all the gadgets in the page except the By Role gadget (to which the filter was added) being updated to display only information relating to the admin role. 
  4. To remove a filter already applied to a filter, click the close (i.e. x) sign in the relevant Search field as shown below.