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In WSO2 IS, there is a Data publisher configuration which provides necessary details about the destination/target DAS Server. It is located at <IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/eventpublishers/AuthenticationDataPublisher.xml . Below is the sample configuration. Here, please make sure to point to the correct DAS Thrift port (If you are running DAS by offset 1 then DAS Thrift port is 7612.

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<eventPublisher name="AuthenticationDataPublisher" statistics="disable" trace="disable" xmlns="">
  <from streamName="authentication-analytics-stream" version="1.0.0"/>
  <mapping customMapping="disable" type="wso2event"/>
  <to eventAdapterType="wso2event">
    <property name="username">admin</property>
    <property name="protocol">thrift</property>
    <property name="publishingMode">non-blocking</property>
    <property name="publishTimeout">0</property>
    <property name="receiverURL">tcp://localhost:7611<7612</property>
    <property encrypted="false" name="password">admin</property>