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  1. Follow the steps in Deploying BPMN Samples to deploy the sample using the WSO2 BPS management console. 
  2. Log in to the BPMN Explorer using the client/client credentials.
  3. Select the PROCESSES tab to view the task in the task list.
  4. Click the Start button next to the LoanApprovalProcess sample. 
  5. Fill in the required details (i.e., income and loan amount) and click Start.
  6. If the loan amount is less than 50,000, select the login to the bpmn-explorer using the manager/manager credentials and select the MY TASKS tab tab. You will see the that another task has appeared on the list to inform the manager.
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  7. If the loan amount is more than 50,000, logout and login to the bpmn-explorer using the managerclerk/manager clerk credentials and select the MY TASKS tab.  You will see the that another task has appeared on in the list to revise the loan amount
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    Image RemovedClick on the task and you will see the following screen where you (the manager) can either accept/reject it. Click on Complete Task to finish. 
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  8. After submitting revised amount, a task will get created to the manager to approve/reject the request.
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