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  • To add a REST task, you need to add a Java task in place within the BPMN process where you need to do the invocation. Therefore, you have to first create a BPMN process
  • This guide demonstrates adding a REST task using the Eclipse BPMN Designer. Use the update site, to add this plugin to your eclipse if you have not already done so. You can do the same in any other editor by adding the same property values.


The REST endpoint can not be changed after deploying the process using the above method. If you want to change the endpoint after deploying the process, you need to point to a registry location which contains an endpoint reference. For more information on how to do this, see Endpoint References.


To change the REST endpoint after process deployment:

  1. On the Main config tab of the properties panel for the service task, add a field with the name "serviceRef" instead of the "serviceURL" field mentioned in step 4 above.
  2. Give the registry location of the service reference as the String Value (this kind of configuration has been used in the above example with the JSON payload).