If the directory/file paths specified in this guide do not exist in your WSO2 product, see Directory Structure of WSO2 Products to locate the paths applicable to your product.

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  1. Open the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file and set the HideAdminServiceWSDLs parameter to false.
  2. Start the product server by executing the product startup script from the <PRODUCT_HOME>/bin directory:

    Code Block
    titleIn Linux
    sh wso2server.sh
    Code Block
    titleIn Windows
    titleGet the list of available admin services

    If you want to discover the admin services that are exposed by your product,: 

    1. Execute the following command:

      Code Block
      titleIn Linux
      sh wso2server.sh -DosgiConsole
      Code Block
      titleIn Windows
      wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole
    2. When the server is started, hit the enter/return key several times to get the OSGI shell in the console.
    3. In the OSGI shell, typeenter the following: listAdminServices

    This will give the list of admin services for your product.

  3. Start the SOAP UI client, and import the WSDL of the admin service .that you are using:

    This assumes that you are running the SOAP UI client from the same machine as the product instance. Note that there are several operations shown in the SOAP UI after importing the wsdl file.:


    Before invoking an operation:

    • Be sure to set the admin user's credentials from for authorization in the SOAP UI.
    • Note that it is not recommended to delete tenants.If you want to create a new tenant with the same details of a tenant that you just deleted, be sure to restart the server first. Otherwise, errors may occur.
  4. Click on the operation to open the request view. For example, to activate a tenant use the activateTenant operation. 

  5. If your tenant domain is abc.com, invoke the activateTenant operation with the following request:

    Code Block
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ser="http://services.mgt.tenant.carbon.wso2.org">