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WSO2 Identity Cloud provides secure identity management for enterprise web applications, services, and APIs by managing identity and entitlements of the users securely and efficiently. WSO2 Identity Cloud enables enterprise architects and developers to reduce identity provisioning time, guarantees secure online interactions, and delivers a reduced provides single sign-on environmentcapabilities
WSO2 Identity Cloud allows you to create, maintain, and terminate user accounts along with user identities across multiple cloud applications. When there are multiple applications that require authentication, users can sign in at one place and still have seamless access to all the other applications.
Additionally, WSO2 Identity Cloud brings about a new and improved approach to federation. There is a centralized Identity as a Service Provider. It is still an overall n to n relationship. There is a 1 to n relationship from a federation partner to consumer services (where multiple consumer services rely on a single centralized federated Identity Provider for security) and a 1 to n relationship from consumer service to federation partners (where a single consumer service can rely on multiple Identity providers for security). This model ensures greater efficiency.