If the directory/file paths specified in this guide do not exist in your WSO2 product, see Directory Structure of WSO2 Products to locate the paths applicable to your product.

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The following sections describe how to set up a remote Derby database to replace the default H2 databases with a remote Derby databasedatabase in your WSO2 product:

Table of Contents


  1. Download Apache Derby.
  2. Install Apache Derby on your computer.


    For instructions on installing Apache Derby, see the Apache Derby documentation.

  3. Go to the <DERBY_HOME>/bin/ directory and run the Derby network server start script. Usually, it is named startNetworkServer.

Setting up the drivers

Copy Copy the derby.jar, derbyclient.jar,  JAR and the derbynet.jar JAR from the <DERBY_HOME>/lib/ directory to the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/components/extensions/ directory (the classpath of the Carbon web application).