This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Get a GIT clone of product-emm and navigate to the <PRODUCT_EMM_SOURCE_HOME>/modules/mobile-agents/android/app-catalog directory.

    Code Block
    git clone

    <PRODUCT_EMM_SOURCE_HOME>/modules/mobile-agents/android/app-catalog will be referred to as <APP_CATALOG> in this document.

  2. Update the Android Software Development Kit with the following:

    • SDK Versions 22 23 and 16. 

    • Build Tools Version 22.0.1.

    • Install or update Android Support Library.

    • Install or update Google Play Services.

    • Install Google USB Driver, if you are on a Windows platform.

  3. By default, the Android agent communicates with the server through HTTP. For production, this needs to be changed to HTTPS, by configuring the following parameters in the Java class named, which is in the org.wso2.EMM.agent.utils package: SERVER_PORT and SERVER_PROTOCOL.



    For more information see below:

    titleGenerating a BKS File

    Include Page
    Generating a BKS File for Android
    Generating a BKS File for Android

  4. Import the project on Android Studio, clean and build the project.

  5. Run the project on a device.


    The .apk file can be found in the <APP_CATALOG> directory.