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  1. Run WSO2 Identity Server.
  2. Log in to the management console as an administrator.
  3. In the Identity section under the Main tab, click Add under Service Providers.

  4. Enter cas-client-webapp in the Service Provider Name text box and click Register.

  5. In the Inbound Authentication Configuration section, click CAS Configuration .

  6. Configure the  Service Urlhttps://localhost:8443/cas-client-webapp/


    Service URL refers to the URL of the application that the client is trying to access.

  7. Go to Claim Configuration and click to add the requested claims. (This is required to show requested claims as user attributes in the cas-client-webapp; otherwise, no attributes will be shown.) Add the Service Provider Claim name that corresponds to the Local Claim URI and mark it as Requested Claim.

  8. Click Update to save the changes. Now you have configured the service provider.