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To use the Google Spreadsheet connector, add the <googlespreadsheet.init> element in your proxy configuration before use any other Google Spreadsheet operations. This The <googlespreadsheet.init> element element is used to authenticates  authenticate the user using OAuth2 authentication and allows the user to access the Google account which contains the spreadsheets. For more information on authorizing requests in Google Spreadsheets, see


To get the OAuth access token directly call the init method (this method call getAccessTokenFromRefreshToken call getAccessTokenFromRefreshToken method itself)   method or add  <googlespreadsheet.getAccessTokenFromRefreshToken> element getAccessTokenFromRefreshToken> element before <googlespreadsheet.init> element in your configuration.

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For When trying it out the very first time we , you need to use valid accessToken to use the connector operations. If the provided accessToken is has expired then the token refreshing flow will be handled inside the connector.