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Both the API publisher and store provide several statistical dashboards. 

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API Publisher statistics

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API Store statistics 
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The steps below explain how to configure WSO2 API Manager Analytics with the API Manager. The statistics in these dashboards are based on data from WSO2 APIM Analytics which is similar to WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS). 

Let's do the configurations first.


Before you begin

  1. Download the WSO2 APIM Analytics distribution by clicking ANALYTICS in the WSO2 API Management page. It is best to download and extract it to the same directory to which you downloaded WSO2 API Manager.
  2. If you have the API Manager server running, stop the server.
  3. If you are running on Windows, download the snappy-java_1.1.1.7.jar from here and copy the JAR file to the <ANALYTICS_HOME>\repository\components\lib directory.
  1. To enable Analytics, open the <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/api-manager.xml file and set the Enabled property under <Analytics> to true as shown below. Save this change.

    Code Block
  2. Open the <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/ file. Add DAS_AGENT to the end of


  1. the log4j.rootLogger property  as shown in the example below.

    Code Block
  2. Start the WSO2 APIM Analytics server, and then start the WSO2 API Manager server.


    To avoid connection errors during API Manager startup, start WSO2 APIM Analytics before WSO2 API Manager.

    1. On Windows:  wso2server.bat --run
    2. On Linux/Mac OS:  sh


      By default, WSO2 API Manager has a port offset of 0 (no port offset) and WSO2 API Manager Analytics has an offset of 1.

  3. Invoke several APIs to generate some statistical data and wait a few seconds. 
  4. Connect to the API Publisher as a creator and click one of the statistical dashboards available in


  1. the Statistics 


  1.  menu. For example, 
    Image Modified


The  Statistics


  menu is available for API creators and shows statistics of all APIs. Additionally, API creators can also see the following: 

  • Statistics of the APIs created by them by selecting


  • the My APIs


  •  option in the drop down menu above each table or graph.
  • The subscriptions of each API by


  • clicking Manage Subscriptions.
  • The alerts that can be configured for their APIs by


  • clicking Manage Alert Types.

This concludes the API Manager quick start. You have set up the API Manager and gone through the basic use cases of the product. For more advanced use cases, see the TutorialsDeep Dive and Admin Guide of the API Manager documentation.