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  1. Set the <HideAdminServiceWSDLs> element to false in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file.
  2. Go to <PRODUCT_HOME>/bin/  folder and start the WSO2 product as follows,

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    titleIn Linux Environment
    sh -DosgiConsole
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    titleIn Windows Environment
    wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole
  3. When the server is started, hit the enter/return key several times to get the OSGI shell in the console.
  4. In the OSGI shell, type: osgi> listAdminServices osgi> listAdminServices
  5. The list of admin services of your product are listed. For example:
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  6. To see the service contract of an admin service, select the admin service's URL and then paste it in your browser with ?wsdl at the end. For example:


    In products like WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Manager, the port is 8243 (assuming 0 port offset). However, you should be accessing the Admin Services via the management console port, which is 9443 when there is no port offset.

  7. Note that the admin service's URL appears as follows in the list you discovered in step 6:

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    RemoteUserStoreManagerService, RemoteUserStoreManagerService, https://<host IP>:9443/services/RemoteUserStoreManagerService/  

    After discovering admin service you can restart the server without -DosgiConsole