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APIs created in WSO2 API Manager have their own life cycle consisting of the following: a set of life cycle states, specific actions for each state transition, and a checklist of items before a state transition occurs. In previous API Manager versions, an API had a predefined life cycle consists of six states which could not be customized or extended. From API Manager 1.10.0 onwards, you can extend the API life cycle by integrating the WSO2 registry based life cycle with API Manager. 

Table of Contents

Default API Lifecycle in WSO2 API Manager


The Lifecycle tab shows the current state of an API, the target events defined in the API life cycle for that state, and the set of checklist items.
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This UI is static in the default stage and is dynamically generated based on the defined API life cycle in the above XML configuration.

If you customize the default API life cycle configuration including states, transition events or check list items, those changes are updated in the life cycle of the Publisher UI accordingly.