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For example, to change the message type of authorization errors, open the <AM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/sequences/_auth_failure_handler.xml  file and change  application/xml  to something like  applicatoinapplication/json .

Code Block
<sequence name="_auth_failure_handler_" xmlns="">
 <property name="error_message_type" value="applicatoinapplication/json"/>
 <sequence key="_cors_request_handler_"/>


Given below are some error codes and their meanings.



handlers error codes

Error codeError MessageDescription

Unclassified Authentication Failure

An unspecified error has occurred

Invalid Credentials

Invalid Authentication information provided

Missing Credentials

No authentication information provided

Incorrect Access Token Type is provided

The access token type used is not supported when invoking the API. The supported access token types are application and user accesses tokens. See Access Tokens.


No matching resource found in the API for the given request

A resource with the name in the request can not be found in the API.

The requested API is temporarily blocked

The status of the API has been changed to an inaccessible/unavailable state.

Resource forbidden

The user invoking the API has not been granted access to the required resource.

The subscription to the API is inactive

Happens when the API user is blocked.

The access token does not allow you to access the requested resource

Can not access the required resource with the provided access token. Check the valid resources that can be accessed with this token.

Message throttled out

The maximum number of requests that can be made to the API within a designated time period is reached and the API is throttled for the user.


API blocked

This API has been blocked temporarily. Please try again later or contact the system administrators.