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  • Audit logs: These are generated by the Linux audit daemon and capture all important/privileged system activities.
  • Application logs: These are Carbon-level logs that capture all activities related to WSO2 Carbon servers. Carbon is the base platform on top of which all WSO2 products are built.
  • System logs: These are Linux syslog and the auth.log files.

Note the following:

  • WSO2 is using Amazon Cloud watch service to collect and manage logs.
  • All log types mentioned above are stored in a private Amazon S3 bucket. An agent in each host collects and streams log events into the S3 bucket.
  • If the customer has log management and analysis tools in place, WSO2 can forward the logs to the customer.
  • WSO2 stores logs onsite for 30 days and then archive them to Amazon Glacier Vault.