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  1. Once you enter the application name, the following page is displayed with Standards-based Federation and SAML2 Web SSO is selected by default as App type and Security Protocol. Make sure the Configure Manually button is selected.

  2. Scroll down and enter Issuer as '' and provide the Assertion Consumer URL as '' and click Add to add the link. Select Enable Response Signing
  3. Scroll down. In Store Configuration, enter '' as the Access URL.


    Note that the tenant name demotenant should be replaced by the name of the tenant you have created.

  4. Click Save to add the application details. 
  5. The added application is displayed, and you can delete or edit it by clicking the button next to the application thumbnail name.
  6. Click Go to User Portal.  

  7. Click the added custom application that is in the user portal.

  8. You are directed to travelocity home page ( without having to sign in explicitly. This shows SAML based SSO capability for a custom application using Identity Cloud.