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Before you begin, download the metadata XML file that allows you to set the identity cloud configuration details in any third-party application without having to key them in.

titleHow to download IdP metadata configuration xml
  1. Log in to WSO2 Identity Cloud.  
  2. Click the menu icon on the top, left corner of the screen and click Applications:


    Alternatively, click Overview on the menu bar and click View Applications.

  3. Click DOWNLOAD IDP METADATA to download the IDP metadata file. (This file gets downloaded to a local folder.)



Entity ID and Endpoints fields are used when configuring Salesforce in WSO2 Identity Cloud. (see step 7 in the Configure WSO2 Identity Cloud for SSO with Salesforce section.)


Configuring WSO2 Identity Cloud for SSO with Salesforce

  1. Log into WSO2 Identity Cloud.  
  2. Click the menu icon on the top, left corner of the screen.

  3.  Click Applications from the Admin Portal to navigate to the Application list.

  4. Click ADD APPLICATION to add a Salesforce application.
  5. Select Salesforce icon.

  6. Enter an Application Name and click Add.
  7. Enter Issuer and Assertion Consumer URL and click Add. For these fields use Entity ID and Salesforce login URL respectively. (See Configure SSO in Salesforce, step 18)
  8. In Store Configuration, enter Display Name, Access URL (same as Issuer), and click Save.

    The added Salesforce app is displayed in Identity Cloud/Applications page.
  9. Once the application is added, it is listed in User Portal. Click Go to User Portal at the top right corner of the page. 
  10. Click the added Salesforce app.

    Now you can access the Salesforce home page without having to sign in because you configured SSO between Salesforce and WSO2 Identity Cloud.