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  1. Access the WSO2 API Cloud Admin portal via, and sign in with your credentials.
  2. On the left navigator, click to expand the LOG ANALYZER section, and then click LIVE LOG VIEWER

    This displays the live log viewer with all your recent logs:

    The live log viewer displays the latest 600 API Gateway logs related to your organization, and it works across all regional gateways around the globe. The logs are displayed in the same order in which they are generated during the initial page loadingload. The latest log appears at the bottom, and the logs displayed log entries on this page are refreshed every 15 seconds and the latest log entry is displayed at the bottom.

    The live log viewer displays the following types of real-time API Gateway logs, which can be useful when you want to troubleshoot issues:

    • INFO — Indicated by a blue tag
    • ERROR — Indicated by a red tag
    • WARN — Indicated by a brown tag
    • DEBUG — Indicated by a green tag