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In case of a WSO2 product migration or an upgrade that is either suggested by WSO2 or the customer, WSO2 first carries out an effort estimation. If there are no customizations done to the WSO2 products, then the upgrade or migration can be straightforward. If not, the customer and the WSO2 account manager together are to decide how to handle the upgrade or migration of customer-specific data and any custom codes. Any WSO2 product customization, done by either the customer or WSO2, does not belong to WSO2. The ownership of that code is with the customer.

Manage WSO2 security upgrades

In the second week of every month, WSO2 operations engineers apply WSO2 security patches to a non-production environment given by the customer. The customer then validates the non-production environment. If everything runs as expected in the non-production environment after the security patch application, WSO2 proceeds to update apply the same patch in the production environment, typically in the third week of the month.