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WSO2 IoT Server provides the essential capabilities required to implement a scalable server-side IoT Platform. These capabilities involve device management, API/App management for devices, analytics, customizable web portals, transport extensions for MQTT, XMPP and much more. WSO2 IoT Server contains sample device agent implementations for well-known development boards and platforms, such as Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, Windows and Virtual agents that demonstrate various capabilities. Furthermore, WSO2 IoT Server is released under the Apache Software License Version 2.0, one of the most business-friendly licenses available today.


  • Core offering 
    The IoT Server core offering is centralized around device management focusing on device plugins, event stream management and more. 
  • IoT Analytics 
    The data gathered via the devices are analyzed to produce information that will be useful to the end-user.
  • Extended Platform 
     WSO2 IoT Server can then be extended so that it can be used with the integration, machine learning, workflows and many other areas.  
    For example, the extended platform will involve the WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) to handle the workflows and business processors in an organization.

To get a better overview of WSO2 IoT ServerServer, the architecture and the platform, see the video given below: