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All device types generally have common elements, such as specific attributes, feature management methods, and transport sender mechanisms. WSO2 IoT Server identified these common areas and created a template that includes all these details. Using this template you can create your own device type. Let's take a quick look at how the devicetype is created from the template:

  1. Configure the device-type-template.xml file to meet your device type's requirement.
  2. If your device type requires specific attributes, create a database and the required table to add these attribute details.
  3. Add the configured device type template to the <CARBON_DEVICE_MGT_PLUGINS>/features/device-types-feature/<DEVICE>-feature-plugin/<ARTIFACT_ID>/src/main/resources/devicetypes directory.
  4. Once you are done with writing the plugin, UI, APIs and Analytics for the device, you need to build <CARBON_DEVICE_MGT_PLUGINS>.
  5. Clone WSO2 IoT Server if you have not done previously and build it.

    Code Block
    git clone
    mvn clean install 
  6. An OSGI bundle for the device type is created in WSO2 CDMF after reading the device.xml file.