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WSO2 IoT Server uses WSO2 Data Analytics Server ( WSO2 DAS) to write batch analytics and process historical sensor data. Your device will have one or more sensors to gather data. For example, the IRS+ Drone has sensors to identify its current location, velocity, and battery charged percentage.

Before you begin, you need to have an understanding of the IoTS analytics framework. For more information, see WSO2 IoTS IoT Server Analytics. Further, let's get an understanding of the DAS artifacts that each sensor in WSO2 IoTS needs to have.


  1. Navigate to the analytics-data-config.xml file that is in the <IoT<IoTS_HOME>/core/repository/conf/analytics directory.
  2. Configure the fields under the <AnalyticsDataConfiguration> tag.


    Each field is described in the analytics-data-config.xml file.


    Code Block