This documentation is for WSO2 IoT Server 3.1.0. View the documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Navigate to the App Publisher using the following URL: https://<IoT<IOTS_HOST>:9443/publisher
  2. Enter the username and password, and sign in.

  3. Click the mobile application you wish to update.

  4. Click Create New Version.
  5. Select the new APK file, and click Continue.


    Do not rename the previous APK file and try uploading it to create a new version. This will not work as the server reads the metadata in the generated APK file to create a new application. Therefore, you need to create a new version of the APK file.

    Example: Select the new APK file for the Catalog application that is for version 1.2.0.

  6. Update the application details.
    • Display Name - The name of the application that is displayed to the user.
    • Description -  A summarized description of the application.
    • Recent Changes - Optional. A summarized description of what's new in the application when compared to the previous version.
    • Banner  - Upload the application banner.
    • Screenshots  - Upload the screenshots of the application so that the user can get an understanding of what the app offers. A maximum of four screenshots are allowed.
    • Icon file  - The image that will be used as the application icon in the Store and when the application is installed on a device.
  7. Click Create New Version. The created app will appear in the created list of apps.


    After creating the mobile app, authorized users can review, approve, and publish the mobile application. For more information, see Mobile Application Lifecycle Management.

What's next?

The new version of the application is now published and available in the WSO2 IoT Server app store. Next, take a look at Installing an Application on a Device.
If the user had the old version of the application installed previously, The new version of the application will replace it.