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Let's create an application in the Integration Cloud that connects to the database that you created earlier.

  1. Log Sign in to the WSO2 Cloud and go to the Integration Cloud and click CREATE APPLICATION.
    Image RemovedClick Java Microservice from under Services tab. Then, click Java Microservices.
    Image Modified
  2. Select the Local File System option and click Continue.

  3. Enter the following details in the form, scroll down and click Create.

    • Application Name: API Producer
    • JAR file: Download this sample Java Microservices application and upload it.
    • Under Advanced Settings...


      OracleJDK 8 + WSO2 MSF4J 1.0.0 - Deprecated

      This sample was written for WSO2 MSF4J version 1.0.0.


      Tip: Be sure to always select the same deployment environment that you used to develop the sample. If not, the sample might not work properly.

      Environment Variables

      Scroll down to the Environment Variables section and add the following to read and write data from/to the database that you created earlier:

      DB_URLType " database: " -> select the database -> select  URL  and click  Add.
      DB_USERNAMEType " database: " -> select the database -> select  Users -> Select the username and click Add.
      DB_PASSWORD <Give your database password>

  4. Once the application is created, the application's homepage opens. Copy the application's URL.