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BPMN REST tasks allow you to invoke REST endpoints within your BPMN processes. This can be achieved by adding a REST Task and handling the REST invocation part in a process implementation. EI-Business Process has provided this functionality out of the box to avoid the hassle of doing implementations by process developers.

Table of Contents

Adding a REST task to a process



To change the REST endpoint after process deployment, give the registry location of the service reference in the Service Reference (EPR) field on the  Main config  tab of the Properties panel for the REST task. For an example, see the above example Using JSON payloads

Configuring the HTTP client

The above REST task is bundled with an HTTP client by default. You can edit its configurations in the <EI_HOME>/wso2/business-process/conf/activiti.xml file as shown in the example below.

Code Block
<bean id="restClientConfiguration">
        <property name="maxTotalConnections" value="200"/>
        <property name="maxConnectionsPerRoute" value="200"/>
        <property name="connectionTimeout" value="12000"/>
        <property name="socketTimeout" value="12000"/>