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Tasks assigned to logged-in user are listed in the MY TASKS tab.


Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.51.16 AM.png



Click on a task list entry, the user will be directed to the task view. Tasks can be filtered based on status by clicking on the particular status in left sidebar.


Task view display the detailed description of the task. The content of the UI depends on the relationship of logged-in user and the viewed task.


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Task Abstract

List down abstract details (subject, description)

Task Operations (1)

Provide support to change state of the task (only provided to task owner)

Start : Start progress of the task

Stop : Stop progress

Release : Release assigned task (release operation will update state of the task to READY, which allowing other users to claim it to themselves)

Suspend : suspend task.

Resume : resume suspended task

Fail : fail the task

Assign : assign task to another user.

Skip: skip a task from further action

Note that allowed operations differ depending on the state of the task and user permissions.

Additional Task information (2)

Additional information related to the task. This section consists of three tabs:

  1. Comments : list down comments added by users (users can add comments to tasks, which are viewable to them)

  2. History : list down history details of state changes of the task

  3. Attachments : list down attachments related to the task including downloading (users can add/download attachments to tasks, which are viewable to them) and uploading attachments.

Summary (3)

Summary of task information


Claimable Tasks

All the tasks which is claimable to the logged-in user, are listed down in the claimable tasks tab.



Information on defining and adding human tasks to EI Business Process which facilitates human task management according to WS-Human Task specification.

For a set of samples on managing human tasks, see Human Task Samples.