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BPMN Explorer is a Jaggery-based lightweight web application, which provides the user interface for the end users to interact with deployed BPMN applications. You can customize and deploy it in a web server. You can access the BPMN Explorer using the following URL: https:/<HOST_IP>:94459443/bpmn-explorer/login

titleLogging in to the BPMN explorer via a tenant account

Follow the steps below to log in to the BPMN explorer via a tenant account.

  1. Make a copy of the <BPS_HOME>/wso2/business-process/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/bpmn-explorer/ directory.


    This doc refers to this directory you copied as <BPMN_EXPLORER_HOME>.

  2. Update the <BPMN_EXPLORER_HOME>/config/config.json configuration file as follows:
    • Add your tenant domain as the value of the bpsTenantDomain parameter. (E.g., "bpsTenantDomain": "")
    • Add your tenant ID as the value of the bpsTenantId parameter. (E.g., "bpsTenantId" : "1")

      titleFollow the steps below to find your tenant ID.
      1. Log in to the Management Console of the Business Process profile using the following URL and admin/admin credentials: https://<HOST_IP>:94459443/carbon/
      2. Click Configure, and then click View Tenants in the Multitenancy menu.
      3. Click the corresponding Edit link of the tenant.
        view the tenant list
      4. View the ID of your tenant.
        view your tenant ID
  3. Compress the <BPMN_EXPLORER_HOME>/ directory and add the ZIP file to the <BPS_HOME>/wso2/business-process/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/ directory.
  4. Copy the <BPS_HOME>/wso2/business-processrepository/deployment/server/webapps/bpmn.war file to the  <BPS_HOME>/wso2/business-process/repository/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/webapps/ directory.
  5. Log in to the BPMN Explorer via the following URL and tenant's credentials: https://<HOST_IP>/t/<TENANT_DOMAIN>/jaggeryapps/bpmn-explorer/