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Updated or newly introduced featuresThe date of the update
Updated Creating Users Using the Ask Password Option feature. This fix allows you to add special characters such as !#$%&'*+-=?^_  when updating a user's email address.Effective from the 13th of June 2017
Updated User Account Suspension feature.Effective from 13th of October 2017
Support to configure SAML 2.0 Web SSO to send query parameters that can be dynamically updated with each SAML request.Effective from 15th of January 2018
Updated adding an application certificate to a service provider. The WUM update provides an easier method of managing application certificates.Effective from 20th of January 2018
Enabling OAuth token encryption to encrypt OAuth2 access tokens, refresh tokens, consumer secrets, and authorization codes. Effective from 15th of February 2018
Hosting Authentication endpoint on a different server for the purpose of having custom theming and branding.Effective from 11th of May 2018

Support to do the following with regard to authentication handlers:

  • Disable an authentication handler at the system level.

  • Enforce required authentication mechanisms per resource.

  • Change the priority order of any authentication handler at the system level.
Effective from 14th of May 2018

Support to configure signing and digest algorithms for passive sts ws-federation single sign-on

Effective from the 8th of January 2019

This release is a WUM-only release. This means that there are no manual patches and any further fixes or latest updates for this release can be updated through the WSO2 Update Manager (WUM). For more information, see Getting Started with WUM.