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titleAbout oidc-scope-config.xml file

The oidc-scope-config.xml file enables grouping of claims that are bound to a scope value in OpenID Connect (OIDC). By default, the oidc-scope-config.xml file is located inside {IS_Home}/wso2is-5.4.0/repository/conf/identity directory. 

This file can be modified to add custom scopes or claims. When the server starts, these configurations are stored in the registry located in /oidc/. You can customize claims or scopes from here as well. The returned clams from id token or user info endpoint will be decided based on both the requested scopes and requested claims.

When requesting for an OIDC token, you can specify a scope value that is bound to a set of claims in the oidc-scope-config.xml file. When sending that OIDC token to the userinfo endpoint, only the claims that are common to both the oidc-scope-config.xml and the service provider claim configuration, will be returned.