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  • Monitoring dashboards: WSO2 hosts monitoring services and collects statistics about resource utilization (i.e., disk, CPU, memory, and JVM heap usage) and application health. All statistics collected are presented using  dashboards. WSO2 requires direct access to all monitoring dashboards, and will grant read-only access to the customer upon the customer's request.
  • Application monitoring: WSO2 product runtimes are monitored by the WSO2 Operations team. WSO2 is not responsible for monitoring the  services deployed on top of the WSO2 product runtimes. They must be managed by the customer.
  • Alerts and notifications: WSO2 requires an email server with SMTP Authentication enabled to send direct email alerts and notifications to other servers. If the customer cannot provide an email server, WSO2 uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). We need support from the customer to verify the domain and set up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) which is an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing.  

    The monitoring and alerting implementation is depicted in the diagram below:

  • Diagram: Monitoring and alerting implementation

If the customer wants to synchronize his/her monitoring with that of WSO2, the operations teams from both sides need to agree on certain technical requirements such as additional agents that must be installed on hosts, how to expose dashboards to other networks, how to send alerts to additional email addresses and phones etc.  


  • WSO2 uses the Amazon Cloud Watch service to collect and manage logs.
  • All log types mentioned above are stored in a private Amazon S3 bucket. An agent in each host collects and streams log events into the S3 bucket.
  • If the customer has log management and analysis tools in place, WSO2 can forward the logs to the customer.
  • WSO2 stores logs onsite for 30 days and then archives them to Amazon Glacier Vault.

Diagram: Managing logs and backups

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