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You can use this URL to access the Management Console on this computer from any other computer connected to the Internet or LAN. When accessing the Management Console from the same server where it is installed, you can type localhost instead of the IP address as follows: https://localhost:9443/carbon


You can change the Management Console URL by modifying the value of the <MgtHostName> property in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file. When the host is internal or not resolved by a DNS, map the hostname alias to its IP address in the /etc/hosts file of your system, and then enter that alias as the value of the <MgtHostName> property in carbon.xml. For example:

Code Block
In /etc/hosts:       localhost

In carbon.xml:

Signing in

At the sign-in screen, you can sign in to the Management Console using admin as both the username and password.