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Now that you have developed an ESB composite application, let's deploy it in WSO2 Integration Cloud.

  1. Log in to WSO2 Sign up to WSO2 Integration Cloud by going to, clicking the Sign In link and then selecting WSO2 Integration Cloud. If you are not registered yet, the . The UI will guide you through the registration process.
  2. The Integration Cloud opens. Click CREATE APPLICATION.  
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  3. Click the WSO2 ESB Composite Application link under Integration
    Image RemovedSign in to the Integration Cloud and go to the Integration Cloud tab. Then, click ESB Compsite Application.
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  4. Select the Local File System option and click Continue.
  5. Enter the following information in the form that opens, scroll down, and click Create
    • Application Name: SampleProjectCompositeApplication
    • Upload the CAR file that you created in the previous section. If  If you do not want to create from scratch, use this file.
  6. Once the application is created, its homepage opens.