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Here are the available privacy levels you can select from:

  • Public: Endpoints are visible to the Internet via the URL <organization_name>-<application_name> You can also access the public endpoints internally from WSO2 Cloud via the URL <organization_name>-<application_name>.wso2apps.local
  • Private: Endpoints are only visible internally from WSO2 Cloud via the URL <organization_name>-<application_name>.wso2apps.local. You can expose private endpoints to the APIs and WSO2 Identity Cloud but not to the public via the Internet.


    Note that  that when your application's URLs are private to the Integration WSO2 API Cloud, they  they are not resolvable to the other applications only in the Integration API Cloud.


    Tip: Even when an endpoint is private, other applications deployed in the Cloud can still access it via its URL.

    If you want to block access, implement application-level authentication such as WS security policies for SOAP services, OAuth, JWT, and Basic Auth tokens for REST APIs, WS security policies and custom handlers for data services, interceptors for micro services etc. If you have your own security mechanism for applications, you can implement it and deploy it as a custom image on the Cloud.

To set an application's privacy, open your application, click the Settings menu, and click the Application Privacy tab:

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