This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.3.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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Note the following information regarding the URLs on this screen.

titleAbout URLs

You can modify the host nameof these URLs nameoftheseURLs by changing the value in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file using the following configuration.

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Once you update the host nameinthecarbon.xml file, change the URL to reflect the new host name in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/identity/identity.xml file.

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The above URL is used for destination validation of the SAML request. The Identity Server compares the value of the "destination" inside the SAML request with the URL in the above configuration. This is done to ensure that the correct application is communicating with the right identity provider.


  • SSO URL: https://localhost:9443/samlsso The SAML SSO endpoint of the IdentityProfivder.
  • Logout URL: https://localhost:9443/samlsso
    Theend point of the IdentityPorvider theIdentityPorvider that accepts SAML log out requests.
  • Authorization Endpoint URL: https://localhost:9443/oauth2/authz The Identity Provider's OAtuh2/OpenID Connect authorizationend Connectauthorizationend point URL.
  • Token Endpoint URL: https://localhost:9443/oauth2/token The Identity Providers tokenend Providerstokenend point URL.
  • User Info Endpoint URL: https://localhost:9443/oauth2/token Theend point of the Identity Provider that is used to get the information of the users. The information isgathred Theinformationisgathred by passing an access token.
  • SCIM User Endpoint: https://localhost:9443/wso2/scim/Users
    The Identity Provider'send point for SCIM user operations, such as creating and managing users
  • SCIM Group Endpoint:https://localhost:9443/wso2/scim/Groups
  • The Identity Providersend pointfor the IdentityProvidersendpointforthe SCIM user role operations, such as creating roles, assigning users to roles and managing roles.