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4. Each sub tab in the appilication corresponds to a single method specified in the Flickr API under the main category. For example, the "FindByEmail" tab corresponds to the flickr.people.findByEmail method defined under the "people" category while the "PhotoSetsComments" tab corresponds to the "photosets.comments" category.




Many methods in on Flickr require the user to be logged in. Therefore, when When such a method is accessed, the application shows you the following a dialog box .Image Removedstating that authorization is required to proceed.

If you click the "Yes" button in the dialog box, " the application will authenticate you authorize using the relevant Flickr Authentication API. If you are not currently logged into flickrFlickr, you will be asked to do so first. The application will fire your default browser so that you can grant permission to the application. It always requests only the permission needed to fulfill a particular request. Therefore if If the application does not have sufficient permission when another operation is attempted, it may require you to grant permission again.