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Initially, configure your user store(s), if you have not done so already, by following the instructions in Configuring User Stores. Thereafter, point both WSO2 IS and WSO2 API Manager to your user stores(s) using the instructions given below. You do this do this to make sure that a user who tries to log in to the API Manager console, the API Store or the Publisher is authorized. When a user tries to log in to either of the three applications, s/he is redirected to the configured identity provider (WSO2 IS in this case) where s/he provides the login credentials to be authenticated. In addition to this, the user should also be authorized by the system as some user roles do not have permission to perform certain actions. For the purpose of authorization, the IS and API Manager need to have a shared user store and user management database (by default, this is the H2 database in the <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml file) where the user's role and permissions are stored.