This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.3.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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Note the following before you begin:

  1. Metrics is engaged with the product just to capture JVM metrics. At the moment no identity specific metrics that can be used to figure out the runtime behavior of Identity Server are exposed.
    Therefore, the metrics related datasource is not being considered and will be skipped in the production deployment patterns given below.

  2. Ensure high availability for the respective RDMS and Directory Services used for each of the deployment patterns given below.

  3. In each production deployment, share the runtime deployment artifacts among nodes using a shared file system or a synchronization mechanism like rsync.
    In the deployment patterns defined below, this process is referred to as '
    Artifact synchronization ’.

    The Runtime deployment artifacts are:

      1. Email output event publisher

      2. Secondary user stores

      3. Analytics data publishers and event streams /repository/deployment/server/eventpublishers/


titleSet Up Deployment Pattern 1

To set up and configure clustered deployment of WSO2 Identity Server according to clustering pattern 1, see Setting Up Deployment Pattern 1 - restricted.

Open ports


WSO2 Identity Server
9763 HTTP servlet port
9443 HTTPS servlet port
4000 Ports to be opened with respect to clustering membership scheme used