This documentation is in progress and includes all updates released after Identity Server 5.4.1. For documentation specific to a version, see About This Release.
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  1. See here for details on adding a service provider. 
  2. Expand the Inbound Authentication Configuration followed by the WS-Federation (Passive) Configuration section and provide the following values.

    No include

    See Configuring WS-Federation (Passive) for more information.

    • Passive STS Realm - 


      This should be a unique identifier for uniquely identifies the web app. Provide the same realm name given to the web app you are configuring WS-Federation for.

    • Passive STS WReply URL - 


      Provide the URL of the web app you are configuring WS-Federation for.  This endpoint URL will handle handles the token response. 

  3. Expand the Claim Configuration section and map the relevant claims. See Configuring Claims for a Service Provider for more information. 
  4. Click Update to save changes.