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  1. Install Apache ActiveMQ JMS.


    This guide uses ActiveMQ versions 5.7.0 - 5.9.0. If you want to use a later version, for instructions on the necessary changes to the configuration steps, go to Apache ActiveMQ Documentation.

  2. Download the activemq-client-5.x.x.jar from here.
  3. Register the InitialContextFactory implementation according to the OSGi JNDI spec and copy the client jar to the <SP_HOME>/lib directory as follows.

    1. Navigate to the SP_HOME>/bin directory and issue the following command.

      • For Linux./ org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory <Downloaded Jar Path>/activemq-client-5.x.x.jar <Output Jar Path>
      • For Windows./icf-provider.bat org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory <Downloaded Jar Path>\activemq-client-5.x.x.jar <Output Jar Path> 

      If required, you can provide privileges via chmod +x icf-provider.(sh|bat).

      Once the client jar is successfully converted, the  activemq-client-5.x.x directory is created. This directory contains the following:

      • activemq-client-5.x.x.jar (original jar)
      • activemq-client-5.x.x_1.0.0.jar (OSGi-converted jar)

      In addition, the following messages are logged in the terminal.

      Code Block
      INFO: Executing 'jar uf <absolute_path>/activemq-client-5.x.x/activemq-client-5.x.x.jar -C <absolute_path>/activemq-client-5.x.x /internal/CustomBundleActivator.class' [timestamp] addBundleActivatorHeader - INFO: Running jar to bundle conversion [timestamp] convertFromJarToBundle - INFO: Created the OSGi bundle activemq_client_5.x.x_1.0.0.jar for JAR file <absolute_path>/activemq-client-5.x.x/activemq-client-5.x.x.jar
    2. Copy activemq-client-5.x.x/activemq-client-5.x.x.jar and place it in the <SP_HOME>/samples/sample-clients/lib directory.
    3. Copy activemq-client-5.x.x/activemq_client_5.x.x_1.0.0.jar and place it in the <SP_HOME>/lib directory.
  4. Create a directory in a preferred location in your machine and copy the following JARs to it from the <ActiveMQ_HOME>/libs directory.


    This directory is referred to as the  SOURCE_DIRECTORY  in the next steps.

    • hawtbuf-1.9.jar
    • geronimo-jms_1.1_spec-1.1.1.jar
    • geronimo-jtaj2ee-management_1.0.1B1_spec-1.0.1.jar
  5. Create another directory in a preferred location in your machine.


    This directory will be referred to as the  DESTINATION_DIRECTORY  in the next steps.

  6. To convert all the Kafka jars you copied into the <SOURCE_DIRECTORY>, issue the following command.
  7. Copy the converted files from the <DESTINATION_DIRECTORY> to the <SP_HOME>/lib directory.

  8. Copy the jars that are not converted from the <SOURCE_DIRECTORY> to the <SP_HOME>/samples/sample-clients/lib directory.