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Parameter NameDescription
SQLThis parameter is used to enter one or more SQL statements.
ParametersThis section is used to specify how the values of parameters in the SQL will be determined. A parameter value can be static or calculated at runtime based on a given expression.
Parameter Type

The data type of the parameter. Possible values are as follows.

  • CHAR
  • BIT
  • REAL
  • DATE
  • TIME
Property Type

This determines whether the parameter value should be a static value or calculated at run time via an expression.

  • Value: If this is selected, a static value would be considered as the property value and this value should be entered in the Value/Expression parameter.
  • Expression: If this is selected, the property value will be determined during mediation by evaluating an expression. This expression should be entered in the Value/Expression parameter.


This parameter is used to enter the static value or the XPath expression used to determine the property value based on the option you selected for the Property Type parameter.


You can click NameSpaces to add namespaces if you are providing an expression. Then the Namespace Editor panel would appear where you can provide any number of namespace prefixes and URLs used in the XPath expression.

ActionThis allows you to delete a parameter.

This section is used to specify how to deal with the rerun result from a Database query execution.

  • Result Name
  • Column
  • Action - Deletes the result.