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Parameter NameDescription
Continue after Routing

This parameter specifies whether the mediation flow should/should not continue after executing the conditional router mediator. Possible values are as follows.

  • Yes/True: If this is selected, mediation continues to execute (any other mediators specified) after the conditiional router mediator.
  • No/False: If this is selected, mediation discontinues after executing the conditiional router mediator. This is the default value.
Add Route
Click this link to add a route. The conditional route will be added as a child to the Conditional Router mediator in the mediator tree as shown below.

You can add multiple conditional routes to a Conditional Router mediator by clicking on this link.


Parameter NameDescription
Break after route

You can specify this for each conditional route of the conditional route mediator. It specifies whether the router should/should not continue after executing the specified conditional route.

  • Yes/True: If this is selected, a matching route would break the router, so that it does not continue to execute the next conditional route.
  • No/False: If this is selected, the router continues to execute the next conditional route defined in the conditional router mediator.
Evaluator ExpressionThe expression to evaluate the condition based on which the target mediation sequence should be applied.
Target SequenceThe mediation sequence to be applied if the expression entered in the Evaluator Expression parameter evaluates to true.